Thetford Academy Triumphs at Trust-wide MFL Speaking Competition

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October 21st 2022

On Friday the 21st of October, the Inspiration Trust Teaching Hub welcomed finalist students from all of Inspiration Trust secondary schools, they competed in a Key Stage 4 Modern Foreign Languages Speaking Competition. These KS4 students were selected as finalists from in-school heats to deem the best speakers in either French, German, Spanish or their near-native language. 

Finalists prepared a 2-minute presentation in their foreign language of choice, based on their topic of choice. This year, we have been excited to listen to a huge variety of presentations with imaginative topics! Some of these topics included: favourite books, holidays, family and friends, pets, foods, Louis Pasteur and even current global issues such as climate change and the War in Ukraine. 

Nina Torin, MFL Subject Specialist Leader for the Inspiration Trust said:


“There was such a great buzz in the room from the support that the finalists showed each other. Such a fantastic end to a half-term. Congratulations to all the students who did themselves and their schools proud.”

This is the second round of the KS4 MFL Speaking competition, with The Thetford Academy winning the first last year. We are proud to announce that for the second consecutive year the winning school was The Thetford Academy. 

The judges of this year's competition were:

Caroline Young (Head of MFL at Cromer Academy)

Aline Meier (Teacher of MFL at Thetford Academy)

Alex Piper (Teacher of MFL at Jane Austen College)

Sarah Snaith (Head of MFL at Great Yarmouth Charter Academy)

The event was coordinated by Stephanie Smith, MFL Standards Leader for the Inspiration Trust and Nina Torin, MFL Subject Specialist Leader for the Inspiration Trust.

Stephanie Smith, MFL Standards Leader for the Inspiration Trust said:


 “It was a pleasure to see so many students speaking with confidence, eloquence and passion in their chosen foreign language. I am proud of every single student who made the effort to enter this year’s competition. It is such a privilege to work with such incredible young people and to allow them to share their language brilliance through this competition.”

We look forward to our third KS4 MFL speaking competition next year, as well as launching a new KS3 MFL Speaking Competition during this year's Summer Term!