We believe good standards of dress and personal presentation promote a positive attitude to work and behaviour whilst identifying students to the local community and future employers as proud members of a high-quality educational establishment. The cooperation of all parents and carers is requested to ensure that students are in correct uniform at all times.

Please note that Thetford Academy makes the final decision as to what is acceptable in all aspects of a student’s appearance.

If students are not able to participate in PE as a performer, they will still need to bring their PE kit and get changed. If they fail to bring their PE kit, they will have to borrow one from the PE Department.

Uniform Policy



Main Uniform

Thetford Academy Blazer

With Academy logo.  Sleeves rolled down.

No other jacket/blazer/ hooded top is permitted.

Thetford Academy Tie

Tied onto closed neck of white shirt at an appropriate length.

No other tie is permitted.

White Shirt

Formal plain white (short or long-sleeved) with stiff collar for wearing with a tie. Shirt sleeves rolled down. Top button done up and always tucked in.

No polo or open-necked shirts

Black Trousers or Knee Length Pleated Skirt

Plain, formal loose-fitting, not stretchy, school-style trousers that reach down to the shoe. Not rolled up.


Plain, pleated or flat fronted, formal school style skirt down to the knees, not stretchy. No pencil skirts.

No skinny trousers, jeans or chinos.

No jogging bottoms, leggings or jeans.

No patterns studs or decoration.

No other style of skirt is permitted.

Winter Coat

Academy blazers must be worn underneath.

No coats to be worn in the Academy buildings.

No hooded tops, jackets or sweatshirts to be worn over blazers. No offensive logos.

Socks  or Tights

Plain black when worn with a skirt.

No patterns or decoration.


Plain black, flat, formal, leather-type sensible shoes that are polishable.

No trainers, canvas, suede, plimsolls, heels, leisure shoes or sandals are permitted.

Boot shoes fine if black formal leather type and covered by trousers

Jewellery/ Accessories

One watch, one bracelet, one ring on each hand, one pair of earrings (small sleepers or studs only).

Discreet make-up, no fake eyelashes.

Natural discreet coloured nail varnish.

No fake/acrylic/extended nails.

No other visible jewellery is permitted. No facial or body piercings or retainers. No hats or bandanas.  Jewellery will have to be removed for specific practical lessons.  Plasters are not permitted to cover jewellery.


Hair accessories should be discreet

Extreme hairstyles are not permitted.

No extreme hair colours, natural colours only

PE Kit

Purple Polo Shirt


With Academy logo.

No other style or colour permitted.

Black Shorts / Tracksuit Trousers


Sports style shorts or tracksuit bottoms.

No other style or colour permitted.

Outdoor Sports Tops (optional)

Thetford Academy rain jacket or a black/dark blue jacket.

No other style or colour permitted


Thetford Academy sports socks.

No other style is permitted.


Sports trainers or football boots when appropriate.

No other footwear permitted.

How to order uniform

How to order uniform

Our uniform is supplied by Stevensons, one of the country's largest uniform specialists.

Uniform can be bought in person at their store in Norwich, or online.

Visit the Stevensons website here

Online orders can be delivered to the academy for free, or direct to your home for a small fee. We will also be hosting occasional 'pop-up shops' at the academy; please keep an eye out for dates.

Stevensons School Outfitters

67 Ber Street, Norwich, NR1 3AD

Tel: 01603 622355

Email: norwichbranch@stevensons.co.uk