Staff Testimonials

As part of the Inspiration Trust, we support and promote apprenticeships, with 2% of Trust employees currently undertaking an apprenticeship. We seek to continue to develop our workforce through apprenticeship schemes. 

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English Team

"My decision to become a teacher was to be the teacher I never had but always wanted. Being at Thetford Academy lets me see students having the education that I wish had been accessible to me"


"I cannot think of a better place to work"

English Team

"Having such solid relationships between staff, students and the community is so rewarding!"

George - Teaching Assistant (apprentice)

I am studying with LMP education as an apprentice Teaching Assistant, but I am currently doing the work portion of my apprenticeship at The Thetford Academy.

What made you want to do the Apprenticeship?

I've chosen to do an apprenticeship as for my future having both a mixture of qualifications and experience in this role I believe both are essential.

What is the biggest thing you have learnt by doing the apprenticeship?

As a learner I think the main thing which I have learned is how the curriculum is built to incorporate children of not just the highest abilities but also catering it to those on the lower level who have the skills to access the grades they need in the future. As a person however, the self confidence to not only think this is a job I would be good at but to put those thoughts into action and prove my ability to help children struggling with SEND.

Do you feel supported by the Trust as an apprentice?

I am definitely supported by the trust as most teachers who I work with know my situation and lack of experience and are always willing to give guidance when needed. As a member of the SEND team here at Thetford, I have been shown nothing but respect and professionalism from my colleagues and if I have any problems or queries any one of them are more than happy to help.


"My work colleagues are second to none. We support each other, care about each other and help each other. We truly are a team!"

English Teacher

"I'm extremely proud to lead a team of dedicated and passionate English teachers who adopt creative and dynamic strategies into their lessons"

Abi - Secondary School Teaching (apprentice)

I was studying to gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and an apprenticeship in Secondary School Teaching, specialising in Art & Design at Thetford Academy. 

What made you want to do the apprenticeship?

To progress in my career by gaining teaching qualifications whilst still earning a full-time salary.

What is the biggest thing you have learnt by doing the apprenticeship?

The apprenticeship course gave me the time and resources to study the science of teaching and learning and then observe these theories in practice from expert teaching around the school which then led to further subject specific reading.  

Do you feel supported by the Trust as an apprentice?

Yes, the school leaders at Thetford Academy adjusted my timetable to suit the course requirements, 1 day a week off teaching to allow for studying, as well as facilitating my 6 week placement at a different school.

My subject expert mentor and Head of Department, Mr Kitson-Cook scheduled weekly meetings with me to track my progress and set regular manageable targets alongside observing me teach weekly to give informed feedback. From observing experienced teachers, engaging in professional discussions and being surrounded by a supportive department at Thetford Academy I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience an intense but successful alternative route to teaching. 

English Team

"Every day I get to watch children learn about unfamiliar topics and master new skills. This in turn reignites my own desire to learn"


"With its outward focus on developing high quality education in Thetford, teaching at Thetford Academy is extremely rewarding"