School Vision/Ethos

Our vision is that every pupil can succeed, both in their academic results and as an outgoing and positive member of our local, national, and global communities.

We achieve this by ensuring that everyone commits to achieving outstanding progress, enjoying and engaging in their learning, and being prepared to take on challenge without the fear of failure.

With more than 1,100 pupils, Thetford Academy is a large school, but our strong links to nearby primary schools means that students don’t feel overwhelmed. We offer an early transition in July matched with one to one appointments for parents, giving students and families the chance to find their feet informally before starting the new term in September. Our academic curriculum is supported by a huge range of extra activities such as trips and visits in the UK and abroad, participation in music and art events, and a wide selection of sporting opportunities across a huge range of sports activities.

Thetford Academy is a part of the Inspiration Trust family of schools, which spans Norfolk and Suffolk. The Inspiration Trust has been ranked twice as the top comprehensive schools group in the country for progress to GCSE, and includes some of the highest performing schools in East Anglia. Our staff draw on world recognised subject experts to ensure our students get the very best teaching.