Our Curriculum Approach

Our Purpose 

The Thetford Academy is a school at the academic and cultural heart of our community. 

We teach our pupils a curriculum that provides them with a thorough understanding of the world in which we live, an appreciation of what is amazing and beautiful, and preparation for the challenges we face. We welcome our pupils into a range of cultural pursuits in sports, crafts and the creative arts. We achieve all of this by teaching our pupils to develop a set of values and habits that allow them to contribute to our community in Thetford, and beyond. This means that we teach our pupils to be polite, considerate, hardworking and disciplined. 

Our Philosophy 

A Thetford Education is a whole divided into three parts. At Key Stage 3, which lasts three years, pupils study a broad range of disciplines, in keeping with the National Curriculum for English schools. At Key Stage 4, which lasts two years, pupils study a core of subjects, a combination of humanities and languages, and more specialist options in the creative arts, social sciences and technical disciplines. In the Sixth Form, which takes two or three years, students study a selection of courses which aim both to give them an in-depth understanding of a subject and the platform they need to pursue further study and enter the world of work. 

Each subject we teach represents a quest for that which is true and that which is beautiful. Some subjects are academic disciplines into which pupils are gradually inducted by gaining mastery of the foundational knowledge of the discipline. Some subjects require the learning of language, which includes modern foreign languages and, less obviously, mathematics and computer science. Some subjects teach artistic appreciation and expression, including art, dance, drama and music, while others promote particular crafts and technical skills, which may be of benefit to future career choices, but which are worthwhile pursuits and interests in themselves: these subjects would include technology, food and business. 

In short, our philosophy is that our pupils come to us to gain knowledge that will lift them into new worlds of thought, conversations that transcend their own context, and communities of expertise. The knowledge selected in a Thetford education enables pupils to do a great many things, many of which we cannot predict. We do not claim to teach pupils all that is valuable - to the contrary, we can but scratch the surface - but, in making our choices, we have tried to provide a firm foundation for a lifetime of curiosity

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We're part of the Inspiration Trust and share their knowledge rich curriculum. We make sure our curriculum is inclusive and accessible for all of our students. Read our principles to find out more about how we achieve this.