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Parent Update - 11th September 2020

Principal’s Message


Dear families,


It has been a genuine pleasure to have your children back at Thetford Academy.  Attendance has been impressive, nearly 96% this week.  I hope that this is a sign that you and your children feel safe and confident to be back in school.  The conduct of our young people has been particularly impressive, and the hard work we have put into behavioural expectations and routines over the last few years is paying dividends.  They have been very sensible about the new systems we have had to put in place to keep everyone safe.


Overall, the feedback I’m receiving from pupils, parents and staff is very positive.  Inevitably there are questions and suggestions about things we can do better.  This is a new situation for all of us, but we all have a shared goal of making sure our children are happy, safe and successful at school.  I will continue to stay in close communication with you and to keep you fully updated of any changes that come either from the government or us as a school.


Best wishes


Mr Carter  


New Courses Start in Food Science and Product Design


We are pleased that two new courses have started running in the Sixth Form this year. We now have Year 12 students studying Product Design (with Mr Arbelaez) and Food Science and Nutrition (with Mrs Taylor). 


Mr Arbelaez (Head of Technology) writes:


"The A Level Product Design course has started really well. A small group of talented students entered the course at Thetford Academy this year and had shown great levels of creativity, commitment and motivation towards the subject. We all are looking forward to this academic year and the outcomes from the students towards our very first Sixth Form Exhibition".


Mrs Taylor (Head of Food) writes:


“I am delighted to welcome the new sixth form to the new Level 3 Food Science and Nutrition course. Students have already started developing their professional cookery skills and  have  enjoyed  being creative making advanced bread products, such as doughnuts, bagels and focaccia bread.

Our theory work focuses on the nutritional needs of specific groups of people and the principles of health eating. An important issue in today's climate, where unhealthy eating habits are becoming a national concern to the health and well being of the nation.“


New Staff


We have welcomed a number of new staff to school this term.


Laura Hodges Curriculum Lead for Performing Arts, Teacher of Music

Dr Lindsay Barrett Teacher of Science (Chemistry)

Emily Field Teacher of Geography

Louisa Garner Teacher of English

Chris Goode Teacher of Science (Physics)

Alice Hobday Teacher of Social Sciences

Bethany Johnson Teacher of English

Ijaz Karim Teacher of History

Ellie Leech Teacher of PE

Rachel Lynch Teacher of PE

Aline Meier Teacher of MFL (German, Portuguese and Spanish)

Phoebe Richards Teacher of Performing Arts (Drama)

Chris Tarroza Teacher of Maths

Leahanna Terry SRB Lead


We are also joined by two of the Inspiration Trust central teach (Matt Carnaby and Peter Wright) who will be supporting our English and Maths departments respectively. 


We also have welcomed several people into support roles in the school:


  • Michael Erridge Apprentice Caretaker
  • Hayley Maudlin Moss Apprentice Admin
  • Melanie McAllister Science Technician
  • Sue Scott Careers Consultant


We’ll be returning next week to our regular teacher profiles in the Parent Updates.