Government & Politics



  • Andrew Heywood, Essentials of UK Politics
  • Andrew Heywood, Political Ideologies
  • Hoffman and Graham, Introduction to Political Ideologies
  • B Jones, UK Politics


As the political landscape is continuously changing it is important to keep up to date with all the recent events.  Therefore, we strongly suggest you visit these websites every day.  The most comprehensive are: (Daily Telegraph) (The Guardian) (The Independent)


TV Programmes

All of the following are essential viewing to help you develop your knowledge and understanding of politics.

  • Question Time (BBC1, Thursday at 10.35 pm)
  • The Daily Politics (BBC2 and BBC Parliament)
  • Sunday Politics (BBC1 and BBC Parliament)
  • This Week (most Thursdays BBC1 after Question Time)

All of these are also available on BBC iplayer.