Business studies


Books to read:

  • Joseph Stiglitz: Globalization and Its Discontents
  • Naomi Klein:  No Logo
  • J. Bradley: Cadbury’s Purple Reign
  • T. Harford: The Undercover Economist
  • P. Kotler: FAQs on Marketing
  • D. Lester: How They Started
  • D. Bannatyne: Anyone Can Do It
  • K. Bilimoria: Bottled For Business
  • Sir R.Branson: Business Stripped Bare
  • T.Khanna: Billions of Entrepreneurs: How India and China are reshaping their futures and yours
  • W.D.Cohen: House of Cards: How Wall Street’s gamblers broke capitalism
  • J.Liker: The Toyota Way: 14 Management principles from the world’s greatest manufacturer

Helpful websites:

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  • The Guardian
  • The Telegraph
  • The Times
  • The Economist
  • The Business Review Magazine