Remote Learning

Thetford Academy Sixth Form is committed to ensuring our students can continue their education at home.

How we deliver our curriculum

Our students follow their existing timetables and we deliver our curriculum via live lessons, recorded sessions and independent study tasks. We deliver all of our live lessons through Google Classroom and Google Calendar - students can access these platforms via their school email accounts. 

Lessons follow a structure that includes a review of previous learning, delivering new content and instructions linked to set tasks. Teachers include students in questioning and provide opportunities for students to ask questions.

We use the Google Suite as it allows learners to have 1:1 meetings, work in small groups (breakout rooms) and access to the TA6 notice board. We also use Google Classroom as a virtual learning environment containing a range of subject specific learning materials.

The Thetford Academy Information Hub also contains regularly updated information on careers and wellbeing and has a dedicated section for sixth form students on post-18 progression.

Submitting your work

Students can submit their work via email, Google Classroom or other platforms (to be identified by teachers). Our teams will assess work, engagement and provide feedback, wherever possible. Where it is necessary to hand in work such as portfolios, arrangements are in place to do this. For more information, please contact your teacher directly.

Tutor programme and student support

Thetford Academy Sixth Form sessions continue to be delivered remotely. These sessions are hosted by school staff and our partnership agencies including Norfolk Scholars Programme, higher Aspirations Scheme UEA and NEACO. They cover a range of topics such as wellbeing and post-18 progression.

Our quiz and assemblies continue to take place remotely on a weekly basis. This provides an opportunity for students to come together as a community.

Our pastoral team is in contact with students daily and mentoring continues to be available to support post-18 progression. Our safeguarding policy, systems and processes continue to apply and any safeguarding concerns are monitored daily.

Expectations of Students

We expect all students to attend lessons online as per their timetable. Students are also expected to actively participate and engage with lessons via audio, chat and video. We understand some of our students may have special circumstances and we want to be supportive during this difficult time. Please contact your teacher, tutor or a member of the sixth for team if you are unable to meet these expectations.

We will be reviewing assignments and work to make sure students are engaging in our remote learning resources.

Our other expectations include:

  • Students are expected to submit work for feedback and assessment.
  • Students are required to check emails daily for updates, announcements and study tasks.
  • Students are expected to communicate with their tutor, teacher or member of the sixth form team should technical, pastoral or academic support be required.

Arrangements for students studying courses that require specialist equipment or facilities

Where possible, students on practical courses are encouraged to practise their skills at home. Where this is not possible, the focus of the course has moved to the theory aspect of the programme of study, with a view of pursuing practical work once students return safely to sixth form. Additional sessions will be planned for learners returning to specialist workshops to enable students to practise and develop their practical skills in order to complete their courses.

Support for students with SEND

All students are supported by their classroom teacher and sixth form team with access to SEND support and additional resources as required. Additional support and guidance is also provided by our Raising Achievement Manager.

Support for students without devices, connectivity, or a suitable environment for learning

A survey was carried out to identify students who have issues with device or Internet issues or a suitable learning environment. Devices have been allocated to students where applicable and onsite provision is made available where necessary. Should students need support accessing a device or the Internet, they can contact a member of the sixth form team.

You can read our Remote Learning Statement for more information.